NCSI(Nerds Compiling Strange Information) is a division of the multinational conglomerate corporation Nerds, Inc., and is tasked with locating, identifying, analyzing, classifying, and cross-referencing Fortean* data.
Designated as a "prototype" division, NCSI has more permanence than "temp" divisions, which are formed as-needed to address a specific problem, then dissolved once that objective is achieved(for example, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of the corporation in the anti-trust case U.S. vs Nerds, Inc., 2009, because the company's defense had been flawlessly organized and executed by a temp division designated NKGA--Nerds Kicking the Government's Ass--which, having achieved its goal, was dissolved). The corporation does not anticipate an eventual dissolution of NCSI, as the division's objective is not one that can be brought to completion. What is anticipated however is many adjustments and clarifications in the division's structure, resource allocation, operation procedure, and integration; thus the "prototype" designation.

* For information regarding the definition and origin of the term Fortean, refer to the Fortean Phenomena page